UK Property Company: Unperturbed By Cash Home Sale Controversy

A Quick Property Move, a cash home sale company in UK, says that the crisis faced by counterparts where home sellers complained of very low offers did not become a problem for them.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) investigating the practices of companies that buy houses was one of the most controversial news in the sector of real property in August of 2013. The report in BBC News did not mention the names of the ones involved. According to A Quick Property Move, their transparent practices is one of the reasons why their business remains to stay strong in the industry. When one of its executives was asked what he thought about the incident, he said that the company adheres to fair practices and condone the act of exploiting home sellers.

One of the problems that home sellers often encounter when dealing with unknown cash house buyers is the unreliable property valuation. Some of these receive offers less than 53% of the property’s market value. The typical offer is usually lower than the open market price when transacting with a quick home sale property provider. However, the cost offer is usually within the discounted price of 10 % to 25%. For homeowners who are not aware of the current value of their properties, these may be easily robbed some significant amount of money. Since there are those who need to pay off their debts right away, they may easily give in to the unfair offers from these types of firms.

Meanwhile, A Quick Property Move seems not to have been badly hit by the news. It still remains one of the biggest players in cash for homes offerings, continuously gaining more praises from its clients. Mrs Madison, one of the clients that the property company has had the privilege to work with, only has high praises with her giving a testimonial that says, “I can’t thank you enough for being there for me during my divorce. Thank you for making things easy for me and my ex-husband. I wasn’t sure I can survive the situation until you helped me out…” These are very much the opposite of what other home sellers have to say to the companies they dealt with.

When caught in an exclusive interview, one of the employees that has been working in A Quick Property Move for several years now was asked what he loved about working in here. He said, “It’s not every day that you are given the opportunity to work in a company that promotes honesty, much less in cash property buyers. I initially wanted to become an estate agent but was later discouraged because of the cutthroat nature of the work. When there was an opening in here, I did my own research and just one look at the words ‘dealings are transparent’ in the company’s website, I knew this offers truthful transactions and this is the place where I wanted to be.”

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