Divorce & Separation

Every couple dreams to have a perfect marriage and a long-lasting relationship in the four corners of their home sweet home. However, not everyone is successful and the house needs to be divided when they separate.

Arguably Divorce is one the most stressful situations in our live, and the other is selling a house. If you are in the situation where you are facing both at the same time it can really be a challenge, financially and mentally. Often in Divorces the homeowners(s) are looking for a quick house sale, so both can move on with their lives quickly and with less hassle.

At A Quick Property Move we are able to assist in situations such as Divorce & Separation and complete on house sales very quickly, as we are not in a chain, and are cashbuyers. Selling quickly can be very swift and therefore it is wise to think it through, to save costs on both sides being incurred.

Another Problem?

Selling your house is a little less stressful than the divorce but would you really want to face another problem if the chain collapses or your buyer pulls out? Fortunately, A Quick Property Move is here to help you take care of one of your problems in as short as seven days by buying your home. We can convert your house to cash, assist you on finding your new home, and pay other debts you have. Selling your house in the current climate might be difficult and it is worth remembering the longer the house sale takes place the longer the mortgage and loan payments will need to be made. If they are not paid on time it could result in the lenders conducting a house repossession and evicting all parties at the address.

The Process for Selling?

As soon as we are able to get hold of you, our team will go through various questions to see if it is something we can help with. If we can, we will then arrange a time to come and see your property and evaluate it. We will need to see both parties on the title deeds (if applicable), so its worth being on speaking terms with your partners. Once we have seen you both we will make you an offer. If you agree to offer the sale will complete in a timescale agreed by both parties, and all works with the commence with the solicitors.

How we can help?

Call us free today at 0800 111 4634 or click on Call Back Request and leave a message with your name and contact details. You may also use the Apply Online Now. Fill out the form. Receive a call within one hour and meet up. Let’s start A Quick Property Move now!


What To Do Next?
  • Apply Online, Request a Call Back or Call Freephone on 0800 111 4634
  • We will contact you within 1 hour to arrange to view your property
  • We will make you an offer for your property and instruct solicitors
  • We will agree with you a time to complete the sale and notify the solicitors
  • Completion happens of your house and you receive your money
  • “Most people say selling a house can take up to years. But with your help, I was able to sell......

    Joseph Smalling
  • “I think the idea on “what you read is what you get” explains everything. Thanks for giving me a helping......

    Paul Viers
  • “As you know, the divorce I went through was a mess. You helped me back on track and now, I......

    Mrs L. King
  • “Transaction completed in just 5 days! No hassle! Thanks!”

    Kay Martin
  • Thank you for saving our marriage and saving our home from repossession. We are now so happy in our new......

    Margaret Sheepcote
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