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Are you selling your house even if you don’t want to just because of financial reasons, a divorce, an arrears, etc? We don’t care whatever reason you have so long as you still want to keep your house.

  • No need to leave
    No need to deal with the stress of moving out and leaving your valuable property. A Quick Property Move will help you sell your property to yourself and rent back the deal. You get to stay to your beloved place; the only difference though is you are renting your place from the new owner. Imagine how your home can rescue you without losing it.
  • The benefits
    Sell with rent option will spare you the hassle and give you positive benefits. You are a legal tenant with long term lease agreements; you can buy it back once your financial situation improves, and you can keep the house sale confidential. No one will know that you are going through financial issues and no one will know that you have even sold your property. You will be given the legal rights of a tenant.
  • The buyback plan
    The procedure is not complicated. After selling your house, A Quick Property Move will prepare the mortgage plan. You will start paying on the day stated on the contract and monthly. Let us know if you’re ready to buy it back so we can prepare another contract for you with your monthly rental fee plus the monthly installment fee. We will talk to the new owner and assist you on buying your home back.

How we can help?

Call A Quick Property Move free today at 0800 917 7786 or click on CALL BACK REQUEST and leave a message with your name and contact details. You may also use the APPLY ONLINE NOW. Fill out the form. Receive a call within one hour and meet up. Let’s start A Quick Property Move now!


If you need a fast, no hassle sale, AQPM has the perfect tailor-made service for you:

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    Joseph Smalling
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    Paul Viers
  • “As you know, the divorce I went through was a mess. You helped me back on track and now, I......

    Mrs L. King
  • “Transaction completed in just 5 days! No hassle! Thanks!”

    Kay Martin
  • Thank you for saving our marriage and saving our home from repossession. We are now so happy in our new......

    Margaret Sheepcote
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