Real Property Firm’s Practices: A Dead Giveaway in Getting Better Value on Quick House

A Quick Property Move is saying that they are ready to offer higher rates to properties that are in great condition.

Homeowners considering to sell their properties are now being offered a free scoop by one of the leading property firms in UK, A Quick Property Move. This company is engaged in buying and reselling properties like residences and flats and has been in the industry for several decades. The firm has a long history of aiding people facing house repossession, those who are going through divorce or separation, and people in need of financial help.

For people wanting to consider fast house sale London, there may be good news since prices are expected to increase by more than 20% come 2017 as predicted by some estate agents. Other realtors are even expecting higher increase in value by as much as 40%. According to reliable sources, you could expect to sell property fast London by up to 95% of its asking price in just a matter of 34 days. However, a property’s value could still be augmented given the right circumstances.

One of the managers in A Quick Property Move is now giving the public information on some of their practices when it comes to quick house sale Birmingham and in other parts of UK. When asked how they come up with cash offers on the houses that are being sold to the company, this is what the manager said, “Well, location is not the only thing that we consider when it comes to property valuation. When someone calls and tells us they want to sell their home, we send someone to check on the property right away. We are a business and we naturally want to make the most out of the sale. We consider the saleability of the property, and so, we take into account if there would be a need for us to do some repairs before we could sell a house or a flat. For properties that are in top condition, we could offer as much as 90% of the asking price since these are easy to sell in the market and some of the work we usually spend on repairs are no longer a problem for us.”

While the manager did say that they are buying any property just as long as this is located in UK, what he said was an implication that homeowners could increase the value of the money they could expect to get from a quick house sale through simple house repairs. Some real property websites are telling readers to invest in house painting, fixture replacements, and a bit of garden beautification before selling their homes. With the manager of A Quick Property Move telling the public that they are ready to offer better rates for properties kept in great condition, home sellers should first consider investing a bit in home repairs before settling a deal with a property home buyer.

About A Quick Property Move

A Quick Property Move is a leading property company in UK that specializes in buying prime residential properties in London and Birmingham. The company is open to paying up to 90% of the open market price on well-kept homes and promises to give an offer quickly. More information can be obtained through their website or you may CALL FREE at 0800 917 7786 for further assistance.

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