Distressed Home Owners: UK Company Offers A Hot Deal

Home repossession is no longer a problem with companies like A Quick Property Move offering cash for homes services that can be completed in a week.

People who are facing repossession are now being offered a great deal by one of the established real property buyers in UK, A Quick Property Move.The company that has been in the business of buying and selling home property is now offering ready fast cash transactions to home sellers.This could allow homeowners to stop repossession, allowing them to have excess funds from the sale,with investment not totally lost to the estate property business.

Since the time of recession, many UK citizens have experienced financial difficulties that prompted them to default in their mortgage payments. Many lost their homes since mortgage arrears help proved difficult to obtain for many.Today, homeowners may seek refuge from companies like A Quick Property Move that offer cash for home offers. According to one of its executives, this is a much better option than having to lose all financial investment in a repossession.

Repossessions in 2013 for UK totaled to 28,900, much lower than the 33,900 repossessions in 2012. While this may be an indication that the finances of the Britons are finally gaining momentum, this still shows that quite a number are having problems paying their mortgages. A survey conducted by homelessness charity Shelter where there were 3,600 respondents revealed that while they are still able to pay their mortgage payments, 0% of these are having troubles keeping up or have already lagged behind.

The number one concern of homeowners with mortgage arrears is being served an eviction notice. One option to stop house repossession is selling the house before this happens. With this, the seller can ask for a percentage of the asking price of the property, pay off the mortgage debt, and still have some extra cash to start over.The company A Quick Property Move are buying home for cash with the promise to close the deal in a matter of a week at the most, considerably much faster compared when one chooses to deal with an agent. One of its clients, Kay Martin, was greatly satisfied with the company, quoted saying, “Transaction completed in just 5 days! No hassle…”

One of the top executives of A Quick Property Move was asked what makes them different from the other companies offering the same services and this is what he said, “When we say we are going to buy your property in cash, this is backed with the capability to really buy it in cash. We have all the resources we need and while others may bargain at the last minute and offer you a much lower rate than the initial agreed price, we value your property just as much as you do and will not hesitate to pay for what it’s really worth.”

About A Quick Property Move

A Quick Property Move is a UK company that promises to help you sell your home the soonest time possible. This has helped people facing repossession due to incidences of divorce, financial difficulties and other related events. CALL FREE at 0800 917 7786 for more information or simply visit their website Aquickpropertymove.co.uk.

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