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Sell your house quickly to stop eviction

Mortgage arrears are one of the leading causes for many home owners across the UK being served a repossession notice. This is a situation that often leads to eviction which could be devastating for anyone to bear with. If you are faced with mortgage arrears, one of the best solutions is to talk to your lender and find a way to settle your arrears. This could stop eviction if you have the means to clear your dues or seek refinance. However, if all else fails and facing eviction seems inevitable, it may be prudent to sell your house quickly. At A Quick Property Move, we have helped numerous home owners facing repossession deal with the problem and get a chance to begin life anew, free from debt. We are cash house buyers with the resources to complete a deal within two weeks. You get to pay back your lender in full and have the remaining cash to move on without any hassles of debt.

The consequences of mortgage arrears

Lenders are required to follow specific procedures when they seek to serve you a repossession notice. Most lenders consider this the last resort and are always open to negotiations. Therefore, it is important to get in touch with your lender and explain your situation. At the same time it is prudent to seek independent legal advice. There are numerous costs that a lender has to bear to gain possession, which could be added to the loan redemption. If there is not enough equity in the house, your lender could add those to your debt. Since you have broken an agreement it would be difficult to find refuge from the court if you do not have good enough reason to have breached the terms of the agreement.

The benefits of a quick house sale

If you find yourself burdened with mounting mortgage debt or a repossession notice it is time to get in touch with A Quick Property Move. If you seek to sell your house quick we are a company that can offer to purchase your house at a discounted price but as close to the market value as possible. This could help you clear all your debts and have enough funds to carry on with life. One of the biggest advantages is that you get to sell your house in a short period and receive cash when you need it most. We do not rely on mortgage lenders or bank loans, which enables us to live up to our promise of offering a quick house sale.

Contact us today for Stop Eviction and Facing repossession

We offer you a golden opportunity to stop eviction and prevent your mortgage lender from taking action based on the repossession notice. Once we arrange a viewing of your property, we will give you an offer and move ahead with the completion of the sale if you accept. Facing repossession can be a daunting task. However, you don’t need to be victim. Call us free now on 0800 111 4634 whether you are burdened with mortgage arrears or face eviction. Alternatively, leave your contact details and we will get back to you promptly at a time convenient to you.

Call us FREE today on 0800 111 4634 for Facing Eviction and Facing Repossession


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