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One phone call can stop house repossession

House repossession is something that no homeowner would even want to think of. If you are faced with such a situation it is important to take immediate steps to avoid repossession. Just like you, thousands of home owners across the UK face a similar situation ever since the recession a few years ago. Loss of income, redundancy, divorce and separation, mounting mortgage arrears, and business failure are just a few of numerous reasons why they are at risk of being served a repossession order. However, with A Quick Property Move, there is no reason to panic. We have helped several clients all across the UK stop house repossession and its ugly consequences. So, if anything has forced you to miss monthly payments on your mortgage and you find the situation hard to cope it, take that first step and get in touch with us right away.

Stop house repossession in its tracks

It is important to inform your lender of any change in your financial situation that could affect your ability to make timely payments. However, there may be a time when your lender is forced to serve you an eviction notice. We recommend that you don’t let things get so far and contact us for an immediate solution to stop house repossession. We are one of the leading cash house buyers to complete a deal within a week. There is no reason to lose your home or relocate when you face financial difficulties or put your kids through any trauma of being disrupted from their surroundings. Our experts are experienced in negotiating with lenders and their solicitors. Besides, rather than go through lengthy legal procedures, many lenders are happy to reach an agreement and avoid the hassles of house repossession.

How we can help

If you have exhausted all options and are unable to cope with mortgage arrears, A Quick Property Move can definitely help stop house repossession. We have the cash resources and the experience to deal with your mortgage lenders and their solicitors. This allows you to repay your mortgage in full and enjoy the balance left over to make a new start without the burden of debt. There are several other benefits, which include the most obvious, a quick cash sale where the transaction is completed within a fortnight. Besides, are offers are guaranteed where you receive the funds as per the agreement without any delay. Your credit report won’t brand you a defaulter since your mortgage lender is paid back in full. On the other hand, your debt will be shown as ‘settled’ on your credit report, making it easier for you to seek loans in the future.

Call now, avoid repossession today

A Quick Property Move has helped stop repossessions for a number of clients. The key is to get in touch with us as quickly as possible. It won’t cost you a penny. Call us free on 0800 111 4634 and speak to one of the friendly and experienced members of our team. This will help us understand your needs so that we can find the right solution. Feel free to fill in your contact details if you want us to call back at a convenient time. You can avoid repossession with A Quick Property Move today.

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  • Completion happens of your house and you receive your money
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